You may have noticed that it’s Thursday and we have no new page for you today. We hate missing posts and pride ourselves on our regular schedule, but life is conspiring at the moment to keep us from sticking to it.

We’re on Spring Break right now, so that explains today. But getting two quality pages a week to you is a challenge each time, regardless of vacations. If you read our anniversary posts, you know Pat’s been in and out of work and moving a lot in the last year. You might know that Jake’s working toward his Masters’ and that his thesis defense is fast approaching. We’re entering crunchtime, basically, and it’s tough to keep up the quality at the same pace right now.

“But I need my Ka-Ching!” you cry. “What can I do?” Well, I’m glad you asked. We need support from our readers. There’s only so much we can do, so much money and time that we can pour into this project that we love so much. So if you want to help us minimize these breaks, here’s a few things you can do!

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And that’s it. Help us keep bringing you high-quality pages and keep pushing this story forward!

When we come back, get ready for a serious throwdown — The Sharp-Dressed Man is coming!