What Is Ka-Ching?

Ka-Ching is a fantasy adventure comic started in 2013. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s 1958 film The Hidden Fortress, it takes place in a vast fantasy world chock full of colorful characters, malicious monsters, and four-letter words.

We post pages every Monday and Thursday. In between each fourteen-page issue we’ll take a break for a mini-comic, giving you a short stories of increasing ridiculousness. We try to get guest artists as often as possible for these (if you’re interested in being a guest artist, e-mail us!) Our mini comics are a chance for our creative team to play around in the world of the story, tell jokes, and get up to some hijinks without affecting the ongoing storyline. Speaking of which, if you’re a new reader, be sure to check out our Character Dossier page to find out all you need to know about the characters of Ka-Ching.

So that’s a little bit about what we do. Now, more about who we are…

Who Makes This Thing?

Jake, The Pen

Jake is a screenwriter, playwright, and now comics writer currently residing in Los Angeles. He writes Ka-Ching fueled by a combination of moonshine and psychological trauma. Check out his personal website at www.jakedisch.com for the latest news on his non-Ka-Ching (but still pretty good) projects.

Pat Guppy, The Fish

Pat lives in St. Paul MN, where he bags groceries like a 15 year old boy. He draws, and when he draws, he thinks about his early life in Tennessee. When he thinks about Tennessee he thinks about his father’s life of crime and the burning of the decrepit family estate. The fish swims free through history.

Portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/thebenchy

and contact the Guppy for commission pieces via the email address: Msenseab@gmail.com

Moriarty, The Paintbrush

Thomas makes the colors real good on this thingamajig. Real good colors. Mor-Mor do good for color time. He lives in a place, and he does other things, too. He did all the pretty colors for Issues 1 through 3. He also wrote, lettered, and inked the mini “Eggs-Is-Stench-Illisim.”

Guest Artists

Jesse Hatcher did the inks and letters for Issue 3′s mini, “OGRES!” Little known fact: he’s also the sexiest man alive.

Zen Phony plied his trade on Issue 12′s mini, “Sundays in the Park With Kibbles.” Head over to his website to see his two (yes, TWO) running comics, Nocturn’s Tale and Paramoon.

Christopher Olsen wrote and drew “Trade Secrets,” the prequel mini to our City in a Bottle storyline, and he kicks ass.